Harbor Connects began as Harbor Neighborhood Relief Fund (HNRF) in March 2020. Founded by a dedicated group of community leaders, during the early days of the pandemic, the fund was established to support the most vulnerable individuals and families in the harbor area who are in immediate need of assistance and resources.
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Today, leveraging a seed grant from Los Angeles City Council District 15 and building upon insights and expertise gained as an all-volunteer effort, the Harbor Connects board of directors has established an independent nonprofit organization to support this ongoing, critical work in our communities.

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Our Mission

We support neighbors and service providers in the fight against poverty.

Our Work

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We connect individuals
directly to resources,
mentoring and advocacy

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We elevate service
providers’ impact through
gap-filling support

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We bring together service
providers to foster
increased collaboration
and resource utilization


The fund is designed to respond to
individuals and families that are in
immediate need.

harbor connects fund priorities


Fund priorities include:


Individuals and families at risk of losing housing;


Those who recently moved into, or will be moving into, housing;


Currently unhoused populations;


Similar needs within the vulnerable populations of the harbor area.


Grants will be awarded to individuals or populations in CD15 and the Harbor Area of Los Angeles.

Nonprofits who serve the populations outlined in the fund priorities will also be considered for funding. Priority will be given to nonprofits operating in the harbor area. Faith based organizations serving the populations listed underfund priorities are available to apply for funding.

Applications will be reviewed, and funds will be allocated through the Neighbor Assistance Program Committee of Harbor Connects. The fund is designed to respond to immediate needs, and funds will be awarded on an ongoing basis.

Apply for Assistance